In person festival coming up March 4 - 6, 2022.

    14th annual Product Competition Winners!

    Best Bonbon
    Winner: Fera’wyn’s Artisan Chocolates
    Runner Up: Temper & Mo

    Best Chocolate Candy
    Winner: Holm Made Toffee Co.
    Runner Up: Hazelnut Hill

    Best Chocolate Tablet
    Winner: Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate
    Runner Up: Lillie Belle Farms Artisan Chocolates

    Best Non-Traditional Use of Chocolate
    Winner: Cascadia Nectar
    Runner Up: Simply Bee

    Best in Show
    Judges Choice

    Winner: Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

    2018 People’s Choice Award

    Winner: Smitten Artisan Truffles

    Chocolate Dessert Competition
    Judges Choice

    Winner: Terra Sharp of Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine – Ashland
    Runner Up: Desiree Straughn of Smithfields