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Mark your calendars! 21st Oregon Chocolate Festival
March 7-9, 2025

Chocolate Product Competition 2024

Here at the Oregon Chocolate Festival, we celebrate passion, creativity, and talent! Each year we host the annual Chocolate Product Competition, where participating chocolatiers submit their latest creations to expert judges for blind tasting and compete for titles in five major categories.

We cannot wait to welcome all the chocolatiers back and see (and taste) their Chocolate Product Competition submissions!


  1. Best Chocolate Confection
  2. Best Bonbon
  3. Best Chocolate Beverage
  4. Best Chocolate Tablet (Dark or Milk Chocolate)
  5. Best Inclusion & Flavored Chocolate Bar*
    • *General categories for inclusions, with examples:
      • Fruits (sun-dried cranberries, freeze-dried strawberries, apple bits)
      • Extracts (spearmint flavoring, bitter orange extract, ginger oil)
      • Herbs & Spices (peppermint leaves, ground cardamom, whole peppercorns)
      • Salt (sea salt, flake salt, salt crystals)
      • Nuts & Nibs (roasted or raw cacao nibs, whole nuts, praliné)
      • Miscellaneous (olive oil, caramel, rose petals)

You will also have a chance to pick your favorite chocolatier for the People’s Choice Award!