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Mark your calendars! 21st Oregon Chocolate Festival
March 7-9, 2025

“I was one of the ticket winners to this year’s Oregon Chocolate Festival. I want to thank you for a wonderful time. The chocolates, wine, toffees, and other delectable chocolates were just what this premenopausal woman needed. After Dark and Carbuca were my two favorite vendors this year. Smoked Chocolate with Lime Caramel? Are you kidding me? It was fabulous! And the Coconut and Amoretto truffles from After Dark are out of this world. Let us not forget that by awarding me tickets you were part of the “saving lives” campaign. I was so busy at all the vendor tables that most people didn’t get to me. And if they did, I popped a chocolate, sipped some wine and all was good in the world again. J Plus, I came home with almost two bag full’s of chocolate items for me and my friends.

The weather was beautiful, the shopping was magical and the music we heard at various businesses was memorable. What a wonderful event in a wonderful town. Thank you”

~ Kelly Hilton 3/13/2015

“My wife and I LOVE the Oregon Chocolate Festival! We’ve gone every year, and plan on continuing that tradition.”

~ Kevin McMillian